We offer battery service and recycling through Apple.

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    Beats products and battery life

    All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan, and eventually they may need to be serviced or recycled. These tips can help you maximise the life of the battery in your Beats product:

    • Turn off your product when it’s not in use.
    • Avoid charging or storing at extreme temperatures (below 0℃ / 32℉ or above 45℃ / 113℉).
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    Your battery warranty

    Apple's one-year limited warranty includes service coverage for a defective battery.

    If your product is out of warranty or your battery wears down over time, you can receive battery service through Apple or an Authorised Service Provider. The fee includes replacement and recycling.

    Your product will either get repaired or replaced. The replacement product will be new and as similar as possible to your original product. You can start a service request to verify whether your Beats product needs battery service or find out how to return your product to Apple. 
    Start a service request with Apple.

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    We'll recycle your battery responsibly

    Putting any battery directly in the rubbish bin is dangerous for the environment. By servicing your product’s battery only through Apple or an Authorised Service Provider, you can rest assured that it will be recycled with respect for the earth. You can recycle your entire device with us, battery included.

Batteries and recycling

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