Difficulty getting Bluetooth to work on your wireless headphones? Find answers here:

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    Never been paired? Just turn them on.

    Next time’s the charm? Turn off the headphones and hold the multifunction button above the 'b' button for 5 seconds.

    Rapid flashing blue and red LEDs on the right ear cup let you know that you’re in pairing mode.

    1. Turn on your device.
    2. Activate Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices.
    3. Select Beats Wireless from the list of found devices.
    4. If necessary, enter passcode 0000.
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    Disconnect & reconnect

    Disconnect: switch off the headset or disconnect Bluetooth from your device.

    Reconnect: switch on headset and connect using the Bluetooth menu on your device. The Wireless can only recognise one device at a time.

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    Bluetooth status indicators

    Wondering what the blinking LEDs mean? Check the chart.

    LED Status
    Slow flashing red light No device connected
    Slow flashing blue light Connected to device via Bluetooth and ready for use
    Quick flashing blue and red lights Bluetooth pairing mode
Bluetooth Basics—Wireless

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