Using your Beatbox Portable couldn’t be easier. Three buttons, endless possibilities.

  1. 01

    Power button – on again, off again


    • Single press

    Bluetooth pairing

    • Press and hold button for three seconds to activate pairing mode.
    • Single press to cancel.
    • Press and hold for another three seconds to disconnect.
  2. 02

    Let me hear you

    • Press (–) and (+) to decrease or increase speaker volume.
    • Switch between Bluetooth and auxiliary modes by pressing (+) and (–) at the same time.
  3. 03

    Audio cues

    Your Beatbox Portable gives audio cues when:

    • Power is turned on/off.
    • Bluetooth connection has been lost.
  4. 04

    System status indicators

    OFF Solid WHITE Solid RED Blink RED/WHITE Blink RED rapidly Blink RED slowly
    Off ON & connected to Bluetooth ON & unconnected to Bluetooth Pairing initiated Volume adjust Low battery (unplugged)
Beatbox Portable Functions

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