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    Before hitting the bike lane with your Pill, it’s important to ensure that it’s securely strapped in. Installation is easy and doesn’t require any tools.

    1. Wrap the shorter strap around your handlebar so the mount rests on the handlebar.
    2. Hook the strap onto the red clip in the back.
    3. Place your Pill on the mount, with the foot aligned to the groove.
    4. Hold the Pill in place and wrap the longer strap around your Pill.
    5. Hook the strap onto the red clip in the front.
    6. Check that both straps are secure.

    With both straps locked down, you can swivel the base to blast your playlist in more directions.

    Remember that the Bike Mount is intended for recreational use only. Riding on excessively bumpy roads or rough trails may cause the Pill to slip from the Bike Mount.

Use Your Bike Mount

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