1. 01

    Power button

    Press once for on/off.

  2. 02

    B button

    Press once to play/pause.

    Bluetooth pairing

    • Hold for 3 seconds to pair or to disconnect pairing
    • Single press to disable Bluetooth


    • Accept or reject calls with single press
    • Transfer calls with double press

    On Hold

    • Put on hold and take incoming calls with a single press
    • Hang up and take incoming call with 2-second press
    • Switch between calls with single press
  3. 03

    Volume controls

    Use (–) and (+) to adjust speaker volume. 

  4. 04

    Audio cues

    You’ll hear cues when:

    • The Pill powers on or off
    • It connects to or disconnects from Bluetooth
  5. 05

    NFC compatibility

    Two Pill 2.0 speakers can use Near Field Communication (NFC) to wirelessly connect to one another. You can choose whether you want to use your speakers to amplify the sound or play the sound in stereo.

  6. 06

    Auxiliary in/out

    • To cable connect to an audio device like a phone or MP3 player, use the jack labeled IN.
    • To cable connect to another speaker, use the jack labeled OUT.
Pill Functions

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