Power button

    Press once for on/off


    B button

    Single press for play/pause

    Bluetooth pairing

    • Hold for three seconds to pair or to disconnect pairing
    • Single press to disable Bluetooth


    • Accept or reject calls with single press
    • Transfer calls with double press

    On Hold

    • Put on hold and take incoming calls with a single press
    • Hang up and take incoming call with 2-second press
    • Switch between calls with single press

    Volume controls

    Use (–) and (+) to adjust speaker volume. 


    Audio cues

    You’ll hear cues when:

    • The Pill powers on or off
    • It connects to or disconnects from Bluetooth

    NFC compatibility

    Two Pill 2.0s can connect to one another via NFC compatibility. In pairing mode:

    • Tap the two NFC logos together once to amplify sound.
    • Tap a second time to activate stereo sound (one Pill plays left channel, one plays right channel).

    Auxiliary in/out

    • To cable connect to an audio device like a phone or MP3 player, use the jack labeled IN.
    • To cable connect to another speaker, use the jack labeled OUT.
Pill Functions

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