Bluetooth Basics—Studio Wireless

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  1. Turn your headphones ON
    • Ensure that there is no audio cable plugged into your headphones
  2. The Bluetooth LED on the left earcup will blink, indicating that you are in pairing mode
  3. Connect to your headphones with your phone or music player
  4. The Bluetooth LED will blink four times to confirm a connection has been made and will remain on

To manually initiate pairing mode, press and hold the b button for 2 seconds.


Push and hold the b button to disconnect your Bluetooth connection.

To re-pair to your last Bluetooth connected device, press and release the b button.


Enable ANC-Only Mode by pressing and holding the power button and the b button for 1 second.


  • Press and release the b button to play or pause music

Play it Forward

  • Press the b button twice to skip to the next track
  • Press the b button twice and hold on the second press to scan forward

Take it Back

  • Press the b button three times to play the previous track
  • Press the b button three times and hold on the third press to scan backward


  • Answer or end a call—single button press
  • While on an active call, double press to take the call from your phone rather than your headphones
  • To reject an incoming call, press and hold the b button for 2 seconds


If you're using Skype, ensure that you're using the latest version, then pair your headphones to your computer.


LED Status
Fast Pulsing Searching for Bluetooth Connection
On (Solid) Connected
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