Connecting your wireless device to your Solo2 Wireless headphones is easy and only requires one button.

  1. Pairing

    1. If you were using the audio cable, unplug it.
    2. Turn your headphones ON. 
    3. Your headphones will automatically enter pairing mode when turned on.
    4. The Bluetooth LED will pulse white.
    5. Connect to your headphones on your device by selecting Solo Wireless.
    6. If you’ve renamed your Beats using Beats Updater, that name will be shown in the list.

    Your headphones will always auto connect to the last device that they were paired with.

  2. Disconnect & reconnect

    To disconnect from the device you’re paired with, or to initiate pairing mode, press and hold the 'b' button for 2 seconds – the Bluetooth LED light will pulse white and you're ready to pair.

Bluetooth Basics—Solo2 Wireless

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