Beats Solo2 - S$268.00

Beats Solo2

Designed for Sound. Tuned for Emotion.

Beats Solo2

Designed for Sound. Tuned for Emotion.

Beats Solo2: S$268.00

Award-Winning Beats Sound

Beats Solo2 headphones have a wide range of dynamic sound and natural clarity for a more immersive, emotional listening experience, with padded ear cups that buffer outside noise.

Take Control

The RemoteTalk cable lets you change songs, adjust the volume and take calls without having to reach for your device. 

Built For Comfort

The headphone’s flexible headband, fast-flowing curves, and pivoting ear cups give it a natural fit that’s ergonomically designed for both optimal comfort and sound delivery.


  • Beats Solo2 on-ear headphone
  • RemoteTalk wrap around cable
  • Carrying case
  • Weight (kg): 0.205
  • Height (mm): 198
  • Length of Cable (m): 1.361
  • Type of Jack: 3.5mm

Product Overview

Beats Solo2 is designed with fine-tuned acoustics bringing you closer to what the artist intended you to hear, and in an array of colors for self-expression through style.


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