Solo2 Wireless functions

Ready to put your Solo2 Wireless headphones to work? Here’s how you use your headphones when connected wirelessly.


    Power button

    • Press and hold the power button on the right ear cup to power on or off.
    • LEDs in the fuel gauge glow white when switched on.
    • Tap the power button to show the Fuel Gauge status—learn more about how to power your Solo2 Wireless headphones.

    B button

    Use the 'b' button on the left ear cup for the following:

    • Press once to pause or play a track, or to start or end a call.
    • Quickly press twice to skip a track.
    • Quickly press three times to reverse skip.


    When connected wirelessly, use the volume up/down buttons on the left ear cup – above and below the 'b' button. 

    To go wireless, get to know the Bluetooth Basics—Solo2 Wireless.


    Wired mode

    When connected with your cable to a compatible device, follow the steps for using the remote/mic cable to control audio and incoming calls.

    The cable should be plugged in securely, with the straight end of the plug connected to your headphones and the angled L-shaped end connected to your audio source.

    The straight end of the cable connects to your headphones. The L-shaped end of the cable connects to your audio source.
Solo2 Wireless functions

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