Having trouble connecting your Apple products to Beats via Bluetooth? Follow these steps:

    1. Disable Bluetooth on any devices linked to your Beats.
    2. Open the Bluetooth menu from System Preferences on your Mac.
    3. Select your Beats from the list of found devices and remove it.
    4. Activate pairing on your Beats.
    5. Check the LED lights to ensure it’s in pairing mode.
    6. Go back to the Mac Bluetooth menu and select your Beats device.
      • On OS X 10.8, you'll need to select your Beats as your audio device under Bluetooth Preferences.
    7. You’re paired! But you may need to reconnect. Select your Beats in the Bluetooth menu and choose Use as Audio Device (stereo).

    Audio will now stream properly through your Beats. If you’re still stuck, try restarting your Mac.

Mac Issues with Bluetooth

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