Connecting to Bluetooth is easy! Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. Pairing

    Powerbeats2 Wireless let you know that they’re ready to be paired with a pulsing white light—all you have to do is turn them on.

    • When fully charged and paired, the LED will be solid white.
    • Up to 8 devices can be remembered.
    • Powerbeats2 Wireless will automatically connect to the last paired device.
    • To manually enter connectable/discoverable mode, press and hold the power/connect button for 4 seconds.
  2. Distance and range

    Once you’re connected, get the most out of your Bluetooth.

    • If you’re using your phone or music player, try your left pocket or left arm-band.
    • Try to limit the barriers between your headphones and source device—don’t bury it in the bottom of your gym bag.
    • Powerbeats2 Wireless has range—allowing for Bluetooth connection up to 30 feet from the source device.
Bluetooth Basics—Powerbeats2 Wireless

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