The Beats Pill+ can play for up to 12 hours with a 3-hour charge.

  1. Check the charge level

    When you turn the Beats Pill+ on or off, the Fuel Gauge lights blink to show how much charge is left in the battery. 

    • When the Beats Pill+ is turned on, you can press the power button to check the charge.
    • When the battery in your Beats Pill+ has less than 10 percent charge, the first Fuel Gauge light blinks red.
  2. Plug in to charge

    Use the Lightning to USB cable to plug your Beats Pill+ into a power source. The Lightning connector plugs into your speaker* and the USB connector plugs into your power supply unit (PSU) or other power source.

    • As the Beats Pill+ charges, the Fuel Gauge lights flash.
    • When charging is complete, all five lights shine for 30 seconds, then turn off.

    * The Lighting port on your Beats Pill+ is for charging the Beats Pill+. The USB port is for charging other devices.

Charge your Beats Pill+ Speaker

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