Eartips go in your ears, so you’ll want to treat them right. Here’s the protocol:


    Selecting the right size

    Remember—one size does not fit all. Beats earphones come with several sets of eartips, so try them all to find the pair that fits most comfortably.


    Insertion and removal

    1. Pull back on your ear to straighten the canal.
    2. Insert the eartip securely, so that it’s firmly in place.
    3. To remove, twist the earphone gently to break the seal in your ear.


    1. Always remove the eartip from the earpiece before cleaning. Failure to do this may result in damage to the earphones.
    2. Use warm water and mild soap on a damp cloth to remove dirt and earwax from the eartips. Don’t use harsh cleaning products.
    3. Rinse completely and dry before placing them back on your earphones.
    4. Gently push the eartips back onto the eartubes.
    5. Learn more about how to treat your earphones.
Eartip Basics

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