The Beats Neighborhood Collection

Featuring Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones, and the Beats Pill+ speaker in fresh colors: Brick Red, Turf Green, Asphalt Gray, and Break Blue.

Made For Creators

Eyes open, taking it all in and soaking up the journey. Your neighborhood is your muse and inspiration is around every corner. You’re making it happen. Beats Solo3 Wireless keeps the music right there with you.

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Matisse — Echo Park, Los Angeles

With her own deep roots in music, arts, and fashion-Matisse Andrews is determined to live loud, bold and unapologetically in color.

Made For Doers

Living to move. Hooked on action. The stronger and faster you get, the more everything slows down. As long as you’re quick on your feet on the street, you’re always right where you belong. Powerbeats3 Wireless is designed to keep up with you.

Made For Tastemakers

Here’s to the good times. You know what’s important in life — the moments you share with good people, and the music that forms the soundtrack to your best memories. Set the tone and fill the room with Beats Pill+.

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