Put your Pill in motion with these Bluetooth connection tips:



    1. Turn on the speaker.
    2. The b button that's lit up will pulse to indicate pairing mode.
    3. Activate your Bluetooth device and search for the Pill.
    4. Select Beats Pill from the list of found devices.

    Disconnect & reconnect

    Hold down the b button for three seconds to cancel your Bluetooth session or to reconnect. 

    Note: you can only disconnect when you're not on an active call.


    Taking calls

    • Answer or end a call – single button press.
    • Transfer calls between your phone and the speaker – double press.

    Call waiting

    • Put on hold and answer an incoming call with the press of a single button.
    • Switch back with a single press.
    • Reject call, or hang up and take incoming calls with a 2-second button press.

    Multiple pairings

    The Pill can remember up to eight devices, but can only pair with one auxiliary device at a time. 

    To connect to a previously paired device, terminate the current session and set your Bluetooth device to discover your speaker.


    Bluetooth indicators

    OFF ON Connected ON Unconnected Pairing NFC Touch
    OFF Solid WHITE OFF Pulse WHITE 2 Blinks
Bluetooth Basics—Pill

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