Power Your Studio Wireless

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Studio Wireless headphones have a rechargeable battery that powers playback and Adaptive Noise Cancelation (ANC) for 12 hours via Bluetooth and 20 hours when connected via 3.5mm cable.


  1. Connect charging cable to micro USB port on the right earcup
  2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the supplied USB power adapter

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge a dead battery using the supplied USB power adapter. It may take longer if you’re charging via USB from your laptop or other device.

If your headphones aren’t charging properly, reset your Studios or check for updates for Studio Wireless via Beats Updater.


Here’s what the LEDs on the Fuel Gauge mean:

When unplugged from power source:

  • 5 white lights signal full or near-full charge
  • 1 solid red light signals low charge
  • 1 flashing red light signals battery is near depletion
  • No lights signal headphone is powered off or battery is not charging

When connected to a power source:

  • 5 white lights signal maximum charge
  • 1 flashing white light signals battery is near depletion
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