Bluetooth Basics—Pill

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Put your Pill or Pill XL in motion with these Bluetooth connection tips:


  1. Turn on the speaker
  2. The lit b button will pulse to indicate pairing mode
  3. Activate your Bluetooth device and search for the Pill
  4. Select Beats Pill from the list of found devices


Hold down the b button for three seconds to cancel your Bluetooth session or to reconnect.

Note: You can only disconnect when you're not on an active call.


  • Answer or end a call—single button press
  • Transfer calls between your phone and the speaker—double press

Call Waiting

  • Put on hold and answer an incoming call with single button press
  • Switch back with single press
  • Reject call, or hang up and take incoming calls with a 2-second button press


The Pill and Pill XL can remember up to eight devices, but can only pair with one auxiliary device at a time.

To connect to a previously paired device, terminate the current session and set your Bluetooth device to discover your speaker.


OFF ON Connected ON Unconnected Pairing NFC Touch
OFF Solid WHITE OFF Pulse WHITE 2 Blinks
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