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Designed for music lovers who don't sacrifice sound for style, urBeats deliver pure audio in an ultra-lightweight, colorful package. Metallic, radial etching on the housing adds high-end style, while keeping them incredibly durable. Drenched in color, from the matching earbud and tangle-free cable down to the storage pouch, the new urBeats come in this fall’s hottest hues.

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Rated 3.9 out of 5 by 1063 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good...But I got a pair for Christmas but they stopped working by April September 15, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by If you have money to spend.. These work amazing for a couple months. I purchased a pair in February and by May the left speaker had little to no sound. I never once used them at full blast. They were, however, fun while they lasted. If you have money to spend, buy a new pair every couple months, and you'll be set. For us poor folks, not super worth the money if they just lose sound. September 17, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great sound quality but breaks quickly Splurged and bought a pair of these 6 months ago. Absolutely loved them but last week on the bus, I lost audio on the left earphone. Rotating the cord and pressing it seemed to work sometimes, but today I lost sound in both and can't get sound back in either! Pretty disappointed as I really had to save up for these. October 10, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great sound, but didn't last very long Just bought these headphones about two weeks ago, and they sound excellent! The only problem with them is that the left ear bud just faded out today and I can barely hear anything out of it. I'm pretty disappointed with the durability given all of the advertising of the earbuds as durable. Really good looking earbuds, great sound, just don't last long at all. October 13, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Mic not working Just bought these today for my girlfriend and they work great for music but not as a hands free option for the cell phone. She has a Galaxy S3 and I figured these would be good for her since she's on the phone a lot. Problem is that when we went home and she got a call, it wouldn't work. Either the mic worked but she couldn't hear the person or the mic didn't work and she could hear the person. Very frustrating. Not sure if we should return them or not. October 13, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by AMAZING bass and overall sound , but NOT "GRID-IRON TOUGH".THEY ARE ALL-BUT INDESTRUCTIBLE. i bought my pair brand new two months ago. my right bud is already metal fatigued to the point of not working at all (the right bud wont work unless the entire chord is situated in one very percise position and is left untouched) these are very nice earphones with amazing sound quality but THEY ARE NOT "GRID-IRON TOUGH", OR EVEN TOUGH AT ALL FOR ANY PERSON WHO DOESNT KEEP THEM IN A VAULT FOR THEIR SPAN OF EXISTENCE. this product is in no way going to be fine "whether you keep urBeats pristine or throw them in and out of your bag." and you DO have to worry about them breaking or fraying within a few months of legitimate use. This being said, these are definitley THE BEST SOUNDING earbuds i have ever heard and would definitley be worth the painful $100 if they were as durable as they supposedly are. FOR ANY PEOPLE ON THE FENCE ABOUT BUYING A PAIR: these are amazing headphones. the best you can buy. JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE WARRANTY AND DONT SHOVE THEM IN YOUR POCKET, BAG, ETC. THEY WILL BREAK IF YOU AREN'T CAREFUL NOTE:I AM CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS OF RETURNING MY PAIR TO BEATS FOR A WORKING PAIR DUE TO THE REASONS STATED October 16, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great sound..ear tip comfortability was questionable I was given these as a birthday present yesterday. I was very excited because I have wanted a pair of beats for quite some time now. I tried these on around the house and they were great. Sound was awesome and comfort was great. So, I was excited to hit the gym with them the next day. I do a lot of cardio outside and in the gym. When I began to sweat during my work out the ear buds kept popping out of my ear which I didn't like. I plan on exchanging them for the powerbeats but is a little skeptical to get them at all because the reviews for them were not great. These were awesome for leisure but for any exercise they didn't work. I will exchange them and check out the powerbeats to see if the previous reviewers are correct. October 19, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by The sound was good, but the comfort was horrible. The comfort was not great. I think they should have stuck with the ibeats earbuds because the were vary comfortable. Not the best earphones to get. I would by the beats tour instead. October 24, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good But Don't Last Long The actual beats earphones where very good, until the other day I noticed that the left ear bud had faded out, very disappoint as they were such good earphones. November 8, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Mixed emotions the urbeats are an excellent pair of headphones. I have had mine for about a year but one day i pluged them in to my ipod and they didnt play any sound. later on i moved the wier and it started playing again. i then moved the wier again and it stoped playing sound. But don't get me wrong these are one of the best sounding ear phones from beats and i would even say their better than the tours(new and old). if you are thinking of getting them i would sudjest you do but just watch out for the wier. November 28, 2013
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